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How can increase my profits on ticket sales?

We’ve all had those sales where we made three, four, or five times the face value on a pair of tickets. Unfortunately, we’ve all had those times where we had to take great losses to get rid of a pair of tickets. is a service designed to not only increase your profits by helping you buy the right tickets for the right event, but our service also concentrates on decreasing your losses on tickets that will flop.

If you’ve ever bought tickets that sold for less than you bought them for, or if you’ve ever missed out on buying for an important event can help!
How are we going to increase your profits? By bringing you vital information for making purchasing decisions on a daily basis. Our event experts make daily event predictions on which events will sell for profits and which will not. If you break it down on a daily basis, for less than $1 per day our experts will tell you not only what events to buy for, but what seats they believe will sell for a profit. We believe that less than $1 per day is a bargain for the advice of ticket sellers on a daily basis. Their opinions can easily profitability of your ticketing business.

Can I request predictions?

Absolutely, we have a system setup for prediction requests. You need only to login to your account and press the “request a prediction” button to send all of our experts a message. Our experts usually jump on the opportunity to predict an event for a customer since they are more likely to get approval points that way.

Will this help me enter into new ticketing markets?

You already know that both concerts and sports events have enormous potential for profits when selling tickets. Our service can help you penetrate into either market if you are not already familiar with it. Since our experts predict which events to buy and which seats will sell for a profit, we can help you enter into new areas of ticketing with no prior experience or expertise.

How does it all work?

We have set up as a contest. While the experts are making daily predictions for you, you are giving the experts “approval points”. If you feel that an expert really helped you out on a certain event, you would go back and give that expert a point by selecting his prediction (which makes much more sense when you are logged into the service). When you do this, you give that expert a point. Simplified, the experts with the most points at the end of each month are given cash prizes.

Tell me about the community offers the most active ticketing community on the internet. Not only can you reply to predictions made by the experts, but our forums average 80-100 posts per day! Members and experts answer quesitons, give advice, and voice their opinions on a variety of matters both ticketing and non-ticketing related.

Anything else?

Experts will often tell you not only what to buy but also what to stay away from. We hope that our members keep in mind that this advice is just as valuable as predictions that tell you what to buy. This is because the experts are saving you from taking losses on tickets that they believe will be unprofitable.


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