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NASCAR Camping World Truck Series’s show in Lebanon, TN Jun 18, 2021 – presale code

A NASCAR Camping World Truck Series presale password is now available: During this exclusive presale period you have got a tremendous opportunity to order show tickets before the general public. presale code for NASCAR Camping World Truck Series tickets in Lebanon - TN (Nashville Superspeedway) You might never have another opportunity to see NASCAR Camping World Truck Series’s show in Lebanon, TN.
Here is what we know about the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series show:

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series
Nashville Superspeedway
Lebanon, TN
Fri Jun 18 7:00 PM

Pre Sale
Start: Tue 01/05/21 10:00 am CST
End: Tue 01/19/21 11:59 pm CST

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NASCAR ALOE in Minneapolis, MN Feb 05, 2020 – presale code

The very latest NASCAR ALOE presale code is now on our site! While this limited time presale opportunity exists, you can order tickets for NASCAR ALOE before the general public. NASCAR ALOE presale passcode for early tickets in Minneapolis If you don’t buy your tickets to NASCAR ALOE’s performance in Minneapolis, MN during the pre-sale you might not be able to purchase them before they sell out.
Here are all the NASCAR ALOE show details:

7th St Entry
Minneapolis, MN
February 5, 2020 7:00 PM

Start: Thu, 12/05/19 10:00 AM CST

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NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Charlotte, NC Jan 19, 2018 – presale code

The newest NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony pre-sale code is now ready to use. During this limited time presale period you have got a good chance to acquire show tickets before the public! NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony presale code for performance tickets in Charlotte, NC (NASCAR Hall of Fame) You might never have another opportunity to see NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony’s show in Charlotte.
Here are the NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony performance details:

NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
NASCAR Hall of Fame
Charlotte, NC
Fri, Jan 19, 2018 08:00 PM

Onsale to General Public
Start: Tue, 10/03/17 10:00 AM EDT
End: Fri, 01/19/18 08:00 PM EST

NASCAR Hall of Fame Presale
Start: Tue, 09/26/17 10:00 AM EDT
End: Tue, 10/03/17 08:00 AM EDT

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Is Goldstar a Scam? Is Legit?

GoldStar has Half Price Tickets!!Well, since I emailed all of our newsletter members about GoldStar and their half-price ticket offers, a number of people have emailed back with feedback on GoldStar, and a number of others have expressed concern about GoldStar, asking many times “Is GoldStar a scam?“. Hopefully some testimonials from our own members will set the record straight on GoldStar.

Let’s get started with… some glowing reviews of people who have used GoldStar to attend events for half-price or less:

I was a member before your email.
Goldstar is great.
I use it very often.

I’ve been a member for at least 12 years — maybe more.  It’s excellent!
Michael Stevens

I have been a gold star member for a few years and loved it–thanks..

Love it! I’ve been a member for about 2 years. It’s perfect for LA events.
Karen Feld

Been a member already for a year and it’s a great site.

I love goldstar. we use it all the time!!
Sue Epstein

Sign up is easy. Great events and I ended up with super seats. I like Goldstar so much that I now have their “Red Velvet” membership.  I’ve gotten great concert, play and sporting event seats and it is so easy. I have to say when I had a customer service question, they were really responsive and great to work with!
Nicole Sanchez

I have been using Goldstar for years and everything about them is great!
Larry Lare Nelson, San Francisco

I love Goldstar!
Maria Peters

I actually was already a member when I received your email to join GoldStar, however I have really enjoy their events. The discounted tickets are great, and I’ve recommended them to others as well. Thank you!!!
Janyne Z.

GoldStar was very good
Most of the gigs were 1/2 price and some even cheaper
I went to a few shows and a NASCAR event all at least 1/2 Price
Dave “Mr. Gigs” Needle

I signed up and I love the concept; many local events I was clueless about.  My buddy tried to and got some Center 4th row this past weekend for the Dallas Symphony. he too was very impressed.
J. Kiely

Next, we have people who have joined, but have not yet bought anything.

I did indeed sign up for GoldStar and really appreciate you letting me know about it. The signup was quick and easy to follow, and I like the email updates letting me know when new events are added.
Brittany Krueger

I joined Goldstar, but I haven’t exactly tried it out yet. I’m very particular with the events I want to go to because of time and let’s face it–I can’t be spending money so easily. So, I was close to making a purchase, but not yet.

The sign-up process was simple. I’m very excited to try it out when I see something good that works with my schedule. However, I see an abundance of plays/musicals/etc. and not really any concert stuff, which is what I’m more interested in (maybe I filtered the events incorrectly, or maybe they don’t really have those but i’ll have to look into it). I’ll keep looking at the site every now and then to see if something good pops up. I hope this helps.

I think I’ve only gotten one email from them and the events weren’t necessarily what I was looking for, but I’ll stay subscribed in case something comes up.

I did sign up.  They have a few things here in Houston that look like good deals.  I haven’t bought any of them yet, but probably will.
G. Hafer

Easy sign up process but so far, it doesn’t appear that they are active in the metro Detroit, MI area.  I am looking forward to when events in my area are up for offer.
Rob M.

I did join Goldstar.  The sign up process was very easy and they do have a good mix of events for half price, although I wish they had more concert tickets available (only 1 concert event available in southern California out of 75 events +/- on their listing).
J. Herrera

i did join Goldstar and it seems to have a good mix of events at half price, but some were for limited engagements within NYC. I look at the newsletter everyday to see if anything is of interest. So far, it seems pretty interesting but I havent bought anything yet
M. Mark

I signed up – looks good for San Francisco
Michael B.

Finally, some criticisms and thoughts on why GoldStar might not be all that great

No Deals For Cleveland, Ohio : Rock & Roll Capital
Roger Champlin

Have gone to the site a few times and checked for Denver listings–each time it says “no events available”.  I’d be interested if they had a selection of tix, but so far nothing.

Yes, I signed up for Goldstar. I think it was a waste for me because I like premium tix and the events listed on Goldstar are just so-so seats.

they didn’t seem to have any concert tickets for the venue I was looking for SPAC in Saratoga Springs NY
James Smith

i joined but feel only so-so about it thus far.
the shows/events that are offered in my area don’t really appeal to me.  i am more of a “concert” gal, (rock, classic rock, etc) and this site seems to mostly offer discounts to things like the circus, medieval times, and smaller theater shows that just isn’t my style. i’m sticking with it though, ya never know what shows up that i might be interested!!!

Would use the sight but I live in Detroit area and couldn’t find anything but will check back when we go to Chicago or NY. Your sight has gotten me some great tickets so I did not hesitate to check it out when you recommended it.
M. Terakedis

I did join Goldstar and they do have good prices for the events offered.  The only problem that I have found are that the tickets that they offer are usually for obstructed or partially obstructed seats. For example, I wanted to see Cirque du Soleil last summer and all the customer comments praised the show and complained that the seats were way up in the back near the very loud air conditioner.
S. Maloney

I have been a gold star user since it started. The site is good for some of the basics but don’t have a very wide range of offerings..

Goldstar seemed to have some pretty good deals, but I wasn’t crazy about the fees they added on top of the ticket prices. It also seemed like their deals weren’t that much better than deals that were offered other places. But I will say it was nice to have the deals consolidated in one location rather than having to check out six or eight different websites.

What I’d highlight about Goldstar – Pro: Consolidates Discounts into one easy to use site   Con: Fees on top of tickets

Hope that helps.

I was not able to find anyone who hated GoldStar, and of the thousands of people who received our email asking for feedback on their experiences, nobody reported having any *major* problems – in fact, we found that several people had in fact experienced a friendly and very willing customer service department when they needed to switch dates on tickets, make cancellations, and in one very special case, change the name on an order:

Big fan – we use it to buy tix for at least 3-4 events a year – from concerts to Cirque du Soleil to comedy events etc

i’ll also add that the website is very easy to use, and they have great customer service – I was able to change the name on a ticket order very easily when i had a family emergency and couldn’t attend the show.
Mike J.

I’ve been  a subscriber to goldstar for a couple of years, so can’t tell you about signup up long ago.  In general, been pretty happy with the deals on there.  Just gotta read fine print about what they’re giving you and compare to what the regular tickets gets you – example, took a boat ride where regular ticket included a free drink, but goldstar tickets didn’t say anything about that.  On the boat they told me that goldstar tix don’t include the drink, but they were nice and gave me a drink.  In goldstar’s defense, though, when I called them the next day, they gave me a $5 credit for my trouble, saying that I was supposed to get the drink included.
Also, sometimes they deal with small venues/events that may decide to cancel things for lack of biz (understandable) before you buy the tickets, but after the dates are posted on goldstar.  Just make sure you have an alternate date in mind if you’re planning to go with a bunch of people who have to be contacted again with the new information.
In general, I’ve been happy and I know a lot of people who’ve used them and no one had complaints.
S. Goldberg

It seems that the criticisms of GoldStar basically come down to selection of events and ticket location. It seems that people want more events near them, and better seating (the comment about being near the air conditioner made me cringe).

One final thought: I didn’t publish the 34 emails from our Canadian members who all said the same thing: “It’s not available in Canada”. That said, GoldStar is expanding their program, and I have it on good authority that they are planning on adding a number of other cities to their service area in the next few months, so stay tuned!

UPDATE: GoldStar is a great way to ease back into live events, check your local market right now to support live entertainment!

I have written permission from everyone quoted here to use their own words, and in some cases their names as well.

Friday, June 12th, 2020 8:54 am|