Prediction Pros
Pauly at Prediction Pros emailed me over a month and a half ago asking to advertise on our site – I told him flat out we don’t do that… at least not for just anything, the offer always needs to be compelling and something I would recommend to you, or at the very least would suggest my own mother use. That said, I need to mention that at some point in the future I *might* be compensated for this review, at this point I have received.. a free account on the site (which has expired and I really should make it a point to ask for longer trials). Here’s what Pauly sent me

What we do is post a lot of predictions for upcoming presales and onsales. We have 3 Predictors or as we call them Pros that have years of experience in the business and they tell our members what to buy and what not to buy as well as what seats to focus on when your pulling for an event. We also have a Forum for members to talk amongst each other and we encourage all of our members to be friendly and helpful to each other.

So after telling Pauly I’d need an account to check out the service, I was off and running.

Go check out Prediction Pros.

In a nutshell: Their “Pros” have knowledge (or at least opinions) on what tickets will make money for you. Pros generate daily predictions on what events and seats you should buy to make you money – as well as take requests on specific events.

Now, let’s have a look at two predictions they made about a month ago.. and see where we’re at now with the average prices at StubHub for the tickets in question:

Kenny Chesney – Rupp Arena… Lexington, KY on 05/14/2011
Predictions for this Event
Sports4You’s prediction:

Kenny Chesney does well here. Good resell area for him. $85 per ticket after fees. Saturday night. I’ll buy here.

PIT L & PIT R – Anything
FLR Sec. 1 -1st 15 rows – Pairs
Lower 32,33,12 & 13 – rows A-M – Pairs
GL everyone

Seems like it would have been a safe bet – Check the latest pricing on StubHub, seems like within the recommended area prices are high, while there are many at break-even pricing for the upper level seats.

Panic! at the Disco – Terminal 5 in New York, NY 05/24/2011
Predictions for this Event
Paper_Chaser’s prediction:

2 Predictions request for this one. Weird that Onsale sate is showing in May, so that might be a Ticketmaster screw up, but Amex presale is today. At $29 after fees, a nice solid resell area. Would be better if not a weekday. 3000 capacity. Hoping they don’t add (another date). All GA , but not a lot to spend.  I like this show. If it stays at 1 show, then money should be made here and I’ll say to buy.

I give this one a thumbs up

Well, in fact there hasn’t been another show added, and the lowest priced option on Stubhub is $43 at the time of this article.. not terrible but not great either.

Pricing: What does this cost?

$21 something per month, but you can try it out for 15 days for $4 – might be worth doing to see how they stack up in your area.

How many people are using this already? According to Pauly, over 100 people signed up in the first month.. I haven’t asked for a current list of subscribers, but I imagine it’s grown since then.

I want more info – how do I contact Presale Pros? Go here.