So iTunes, the new favorite way to show for music online has detailed records of what everyone has bought. From time to time a musician releases a new album and later goes on tour to support the album sales. This is common practice and the sales of one experience supports the other.

Fans enjoy the live music from the album and buy a copy if they don’t already have it while others who hear about the upcoming tour might be motivated to enjoy the music.

Love it or hate it the music industry seems to have this system all figured out and paid radio airplay further supports the most “popular” artists who also happen to be the most commercial.

I’m getting off topic – excuse me.

Where iTunes and Apple come into the picture is the presale angle on tickets.

According to Google Trends there hasn’t been much interest in iTunes presale codes recently, and this makes sense – we don’t see too many but back in 2010 there was huge interest in iTunes as a source for presale passwords and codes.

iTunes would make a deal with an artist to sell their album and reward album buyers with a unique to them code which could be used to buy early tickets to the tour.

Roger Waters, Tori Amos and others have used iTunes album presales in the past, and recently apple did hold at least one presale for Apple Music users.

It seems that for now the iTunes promoted presale is over, but everything old is new again and I would not be surprised to see this promotional method reappear sometime soon.