Lifetime Memberships 499 USD

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UPDATE 2 – Of the 4 memberships allocated there are now 3 sold, one remains. This is not some sale we’re going to run again next week, this is the last one available.

UPDATE 3 – All lifetime memberships have been sold. Sorry if you missed out but the checkout link should now be disabled.

There is a form at the bottom of this page if you’d like to be notified if we ever do this again (it’s a special list all on its own JUST for lifetime membership notifications).

For the first, and possibly last time in our long history, WiseGuys Presale Passwords is offering a limited number of lifetime memberships.

Years ago when we were forced to begin charging for our service there were many requests for lifetime memberships.

On Tuesday March 11th we ran a sale offering lifetime memberships for $499.

We sent one email advertising the sale and now we’re learning it did not reach everyone.

After only a few hours the lifetime memberships were all sold

We have to apologize. Some people didn’t receive the email announcing the sale.

We will offer a handful of lifetime memberships beginning on Sunday March 16th at 8PM EST – this should give you some time to prepare and get the message too: this is going to be featured on every page of the site for a few days.

The cart will close when the bonus lifetime memberships are sold. Given what happened today I don’t believe they will last long.

In future – If you’d like to make sure you’re going to get our email you should read these instructions about adding to your address book

The Onsale for the bonus memberships will begin on Sunday March 16th at 8PM EST on this page (the one you’re looking at right now).

So bookmark it or add it to your calendar so you don’t miss out.