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I’m a bit long-winded here, but keep reading and you’ll soon see how this *could* be the best investment of time that you make today.

If you’re wondering how you can make some extra money in your spare time, with minimal risk and good profit potential, you may have considered re-selling tickets online (via eBay, StubHub or Craigslist). I’m sure that some of you have thought about it because I’ve been asked by a few of our newsletter members and at least two premium members if I had any advice on getting started as a ticket broker.

Let me be honest – I don’t feel qualified to give advice in this area, as I don’t resell tickets for a living! When I do put my own tickets up for sale it’s usually for a major event (Superbowl, Final 4, Major headline tours) and usually I settle for a very small profit, knowing I’ve helped someone else get great tickets at a reasonable price.

You’ve seen auctions for tickets reach thousands of dollars. You might have imagined how good it would feel to hold a pair of front row tickets for a hot show, the smell of money practically wafting off of them. Getting amazing tickets for yourself is one thing, but if you’re going to resell them, there are a whole bunch of questions that come to mind.

It won’t make you much money if you follow my strategy – and it certainly won’t pay the rent – and that’s what someone recently pointed and then asked me if I could recommend a good book or a guide on how to break into the business of ticket brokering.

At the time I came up empty – but that all changed a little while ago.

It turns out that now I can recommend a product that will help you start out as a ticket broker and learn the ropes quickly.

You see, way back in 2008, when WiseGuys was powered by on Blogger, I was asked by a lovely young lady named Brittany Menard if she could advertise her ebook on how to become a ticket broker with a small banner on our site.

She had a good story – having bought her first pair of tickets a few years earlier, gradually reinvesting her profits, buying and selling more and more. She’d learned what worked and what didn’t, had made some very expensive mistakes in the process, but now was doing very well for herself.

I agreed to run the banner ad – she seemed nice, honest, and well meaning – heck I even got to preview the guide, and while it was short, I knew that she was on the right track.

Since then, we’ve lost touch, but since the thoughtful question of how can I make money buying and selling tickets online keeps popping up – I bought a copy to review, hoping that it had gotten better (she emailed me earlier this year to say she’d done a major update).

I was floored by just how much material she’d added and how helpful the information was.

The Ticket Broker Guide  by Brittany Menard is the one thing you need to get your ticket broker business off to a strong start.

Britney helped pay for her education by buying and selling tickets, reinvesting her profits and made a fairly good income in just a few hours a week, out of her dorm room – this is your chance to learn from her mistakes, and from the many tips and tricks that a real home-grown success can share with you.

I can also tell you based on what people search for on our site, and the cities that people are constantly requesting presale codes for – her market resale predictions report is easily worth $50 on it’s own, just knowing which cities offer a solid marketplace for tickets on the secondary market is well worth the cost of the whole package.

This info is now out of date – the whole thing has grown and become even more incredible, now that the ticket broker guide has gotten so great the price has risen too, totally worth it though. Read her tips on buying from ticketmaster.

What’s Included in the GOLD Edition

From what I’ve found – it’s best to read the Ticket Broker Guide first. That will be your starting point to buying and selling tickets and will get your feet wet.

UPDATE: We have a coupon code for The Ticket Broker Guide!

Use code ULTIMATE5 when purchasing The Ticket Broker Guide to save $5 on the purchase price of any edition. Use the code ULTIMATE5, thats ULTIMATE five not Ultimates 🙂 The Coupon doesn’t expire at this point so enjoy it. You use it at checkout when purchasing the ticket broker guide. Great info on how to become a broker and build a business that can really help you grow your income.

Next, review the Market and Sports Resale Predictions. Brittany has analyzed from her own personal experience the top 50 regions in North America, she has New York at number 1, but number 2 and 3 surprised me. An in-depth analysis was done on income levels, population growth, employment and demographics.. you’ll know what cities are worth investing in and which ones should be avoided.

Next, when you start with your very first tickets bought for resale, you’ll want to take a look at the Ticket Sales Tracking Spreadsheet. It looks like a great tool to help you stay organized, track sales, profit, shipping etc.

The 12 NFL Waiting List Reports to get seating charts, ticket prices, waiting list status reports and more for the hottest NFL teams. That’s crucial information if you are looking to buy and resell NFL tickets, as season ticket holders get access to some great seats, post-season opportunities, and in some cases even presales that we can’t publish here on our site.

Now, I tried to talk Brittany into giving you a discount, but she’s already raised the price from $29.95 to $44.95.

UPDATE: The guide alone is now selling for $27, with the “gold bundle” priced at $79) – She’s currently working on an update that could raise the price further. I’ve been told that anyone who buys the 2014 guide will get the newest update when it comes out for free.

I can’t wait to see what she adds to what is an already excellent package of helpful and well-researched information that has helped educate hundreds of people in the business of part-time ticket brokering. While I can’t guarantee you’ll make money with this business, I can guarantee you’ll pick up enough from the guide to buy better tickets for yourself, and you’ll have the confidence you need to buy and resell tickets for a profit.

Wow, that was very long-winded of me – sorry, had lots of good things to say 😀

Oh, and the advice I give most often when people ask me what I would do:

  • Don’t buy anything you wouldn’t go to yourself (in case you get stuck).
  • Don’t buy something in a genre you don’t understand well.
  • Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by pricing your tickets too low or selling too early.

Just good common sense – if you want to make a go of it as a part-time ticket broker, you should invest in a copy of Brittany’s book (which has a 60 day return policy just in case you find it’s not right for you).