How You Can Easily UNBLOCK Ticketmaster & Live Nation fast (5 min max)

Unblock Ticketmaster with a VPN and get reconnected in minutes – read on for the info you need. Full disclosure: We earn a very small commission if/when you purchase a membership on these sites but we would recommend them anyways 😀

HELP:: Ticketmaster thinks I’m a bot? Why??? Argggggg!!

Why does TicketMaster believe that I’m a bot and what can I do to regain access to Ticketmaster?

Why is ticketmaster saying “pardon the interruption” and accusing me of being a robot or a scalper or whatever?

Good news: You can get unblocked super-fast!

We’ve found four good ways to ensure you can connect to Ticketmaster even if your main IP address is temporarily OR even permanently blocked.

We use affiliate links in our advertorials – this is nothing new. We really do like the companies mentioned 😀

Here’s how to protect yourself from your current and future Ticketmaster IP bans…

#1 - Your Best Option: VPN.AC

Your Account will work on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices and quickly unblocks IP bans, IP blocks and will let you reconnect to Ticketmaster and Livenation.

Which plan should you buy? They offer a 7 day money back guarantee, best value is 2 years prepaid. Go Check it out.

#2 Highly Recommended Option: CactusVPN

Unblocking a website like, Livenation.Com or using a VPN or Virtual Private Network is quick and easy on computers, tablets and mobile phones – if you get connected with the right VPN provider.

The truth is that some providers can’t reach and you wont find out until after you’ve signed up and installed the apps, paid your cash etc.

We recommend Cactus VPN for a few reasons – firstly because they have working network connections to Ticketmaster, Livenation, and AXS.

This is essential because other VPN companies and providers sometimes don’t and it shows after signing up with other random VPN company you discover that the vpn works fine for Netflix or Hulu but doesn’t work for Ticketmaster or Livenation.

If Ticketmaster thinks that you or your IP address is used by bots or for botting you will need to change IP addresses.

In order to unblock Ticketmaster, Livenation, or any other box office you need a clean IP address that hasn’t been used by bots or other scammers. So far it seems that Cactus VPN has kept their network clear of the kind of hackers and bots that could get their IP addresses banned by Ticketmaster. This is impressive and considering that they have been operating for several years it bodes well for the future. This VPN should work for a long time.

The bottom line

Cactus VPN works fast to unblock Ticketmaster, unblock Livenation, and unblocks Sign Up Here in seconds and reconnect to Ticketmaster in under 5 minutes.

CactusVPN provides all of their customers with a 30 day money back guarantee which is pretty standard for the industry. You will me able to unblock Livenation, Ticketmaster or in just a few minutes so you can quickly buy the tickets you need without any more hassle. Sign up here in under a minute.

They have a prickly mascot but offer serious protection and privacy

Option 3 – Get a Backup Internet Connection ($$-$$$)

If tickets are your business or you are have been stung by the IP block before you may want to consider getting a backup Internet Service Provider if that’s an option to you – but for many people it just isn’t cost effective.

Spending $30-$120 per month for a second internet connection *just in case* is a bit silly and major overkill for most people.

On the other hand, if your livelihood depends on securing tickets for your business (as a ticket broker, a personal assistant or whatever) this might be worth investigating, especially if you have been blocked by Ticketmaster multiple times and need to unblock Ticketmaster now.

Option 4 – Use your Phone ($-$$$)

If you are like the many people who have a smart-phone with data service, you can probably create a personal hotspot that lets you connect laptops, desktops and tablets through your smartphone to the internet.

This would allow you to access Ticketmaster from your cell-phones IP address on your main computer or a tabled, which bypasses the ip address ban and lets you access Ticketmaster again. has a write-up on all the different pros and cons of doing this and for some people it isn’t a viable option to unblock Ticketmaster.

You can find instructions easily enough for making an iPhone hotspot and making a personal hotspot using an Android device .

If creating a hotspot is a good option for you – do tether your phone though, just be very careful not to run up a crazy bill like this guy did ($3,500 with no good explanation). Remember to disconnect and connect to your regular wifi otherwise you could get screwed just for trying to reconnect to ticketmaster after they block you. You should know that we may receive compensation from merchants on this page – we stand by our recommendations and would continue to recommend them even if we were not affiliates.

This arrangement does not cost you anything and may help you by way of exclusive discounts or promotions.

In Conclusion

Ticketmaster might decide to block your IP address anytime – for any reason – this page is here to advise you how to unblock Ticketmaster fast. PearlJam fans learned that just last year , but the problem goes back much further . Their anti-bot systems sometimes get a little overzealous and from time to time and have been known to block entire apartment buildings mostly by accident.

Even if you do get unblocked by Ticketmaster – you’ve probably already missed out on a presale or onsale because of the time it could take up to 24 hours for their automated systems to unblock you automatically.

So remember – if livenation or ticketmaster has convinced themselves you are a robot you need to take this advice and get unblocked asap.

Tweeting at them doesn’t seem to work, and calling customer service.. well, don’t hold your breath because “we don’t control the website” is a popular phrase.

In case you were wondering, these techniques also work should you need to unblock other websites like unblocking