Spotify Presale Passwords and Spotify Presale Codes 2024

You want a Spotify Presale Password.

Preferably one that works for a presale happening right now – you’re in the right place, whether you are a member of Spotify or not, we have Spotify Presale Passwords here on this page.

Streaming service Spotify (we have no affiliation) has sponsored a number of high-profile presales recently. While activity on their forums shows they haven’t always done a stellar job communicating these opportunities to their members it turns out you can usually take advantage of the Spotify presales by using a simple password.

Here are just a few of the recently posted events in November 2023 that had or still have a Spotify presale password.

Please Note: Older presales will have the presale information shown in cleartext, more recent presales and currently active SPOTIFY presale passwords will only be shown to members of WiseGuys Presale Passwords ($).

UPDATE: Here is a more complete list of Spotify Presales