Amex Presale Info: Gold, Platinum and Centurion presale codes are below

American Express Presale Information in 2023 – Amex Presale Passwords for American Express Presales

Amex Presale Passwords Revealed

Today I’m going to expose the American Express Gold Card Events (GCE) Presale Password for all of you, simply because I think you all deserve a chance to get some EXCELLENT Amex Pre-sale tickets without paying $125 for a charge-card every year.

UPDATE: The Platinum card is $699/year in Canada.

Platinum Card customer service number from the back of the card: 8005253355
Centurion Card customer service number from the back of the card: 8778770987

Amex Presales: Introduction

Amex sponsors TONS of Amex Sponsored events, concerts, sporting events such as the US Open, Golf tournaments and theater productions such as Wicked. This post will unmask the Amex GCE or Gold Card Events presale password, and explain how you can get access to presale tickets without a gold card. American express also sponsors events in Canada!

Step 1: You need an American Express card to make the final payment at Ticketmaster, it could be a Green card or a Platinum card, but regardless, to buy AMEX GCE tickets during a presale, you need an American Express card.

Step 2: You need to know what events are going on sale, and you have to plan ahead as to which performance you want to see!

American Express has created RSS news feeds of their Gold Card Events all across America. Now, Broadway is in Eastern, and San Francisco is Western, I’m a little fuzzy where Central starts and ends, so here are were, they all stopped updating around 2008, for no good reason at all.

Gold Card Events East:
Gold Card Events West:
Gold Card Events Central:

Step 3: The Passwords… According to Ticketmaster!

In Canada, there is usually not a password for FRONT OF THE LINE TICKETS. Just choose that box and you will be forced to pay with your American Express card. OR the password in certain circumstances is AMEX

In the US, the Amex GCE password is toll-the customer service on the back of a qualifying card. According to Ticketmaster’s HELP section:

American Express® Gold Card Events

All eligible Card members have exclusive access to the most sought-after tickets for some of the hottest shows across the country, in some cases before they’re available to the general public.

The following American Express Card members are eligible for this benefit:
Domestic and International;

  • Gold Card
  • Platinum Card®
  • Centurion® Card
  • International Dollar Cards
  • Corporate Platinum Card
  • Executive Business Card
  • Business Gold Card
  • Business Platinum Card
  • Business Centurion Card

Wow, what a list. Now fortunately, Ticketmaster gives you even MORE information that can help you get the Gold Card Events presale password:

To purchase your American Express Gold Card Events tickets online, read the instructions below, then close this page and return to the “Look for Tickets” page:

1. Enter the quantity of tickets desired in the “American Express Gold Card Events” prompt.
2. In the “enter password” prompt, if you are a Domestic Card member, enter the 10-digit Customer Service phone number located on the back of your Card. If you are an International Card member, enter your promotional code.
3. Submit your request. (click “Look for Tickets” button)

Sweet, it’s simple, the Amex Presale Password is a phone number! And even better, a Customer Service Phone Number! (Those aren’t too hard to find by CALLING customer service for your Green card and ASKING THEM what the numbers are 😀

What I have found recently is that it seems Platinum cards get access to better seats for some events then do the Gold Cards (Which makes perfect sense ;). This might be coincidence, and for other events they do pull from the same pool, but there they are.

Did I mention you need to get am Amex before any of this will work? Get one here.

So there you have it, the easy step by step of how to find, use and obtain Presale Tickets for Amex GCE events, even if you don’t have a Gold Card.

Amex Presale Password – In Summary

1 – Get an American Express Card (Free)
2 – Use the password 8778770987 when searching for tickets.

Enjoy! If you really want a Gold Card, I have to say they have other pretty sweet benefits… and Platinum Cards are friggin awesome if you travel often… but hey, if you want to buy some tickets… Just use ANY American Express Card.

UPDATE: This amex presale information seems to be getting pretty popular 🙂

ANOTHER UPDATE: Here is a great database of American Expreess Presale Opportunities.