Ticketmaster is probably not gonna like this, but your wallet will :)

You collect a $30 bonus for new referrals (friend?)

UPDATE: Nov 18th Rakuten.COM has just reset the bonus on new cashback online shopping accounts to $30 per new member, the rest of the information has been updated to the newest version of their promotion. The current $30 promotion continues to be available on Rakuten.ca

It might barely cover some of the fees – BUT there’s an extra $30 in it for you 🙂

“We’re gonna use this little trick on EVERY ticket purchase from now on”

If you’re tired of sky-high fees at Ticketmaster and Livenation you should know that we’ve found a way to get up to 3% of the price of your ticket purchase back through an online loyalty program used by millions of people.

Maybe you’re already a member, maybe not – but if you’re not already using it, you can scoop up an extra $30 by joining today – keep reading.

First the fine print: At the time of this writing the rebate is listed as “up to 3%” and is normally set at 1% so I guess it’s a good time to get started.

Second – Yes, you can do this more than once, but only once a month for ticketmaster 🙁 it works for on-sales, presales and marketplace tickets.

Third – This works for LOTS of online stores, not just Ticketmaster, so.. theres that.

Don’t join just yet: There are two different links depending on where in the world you are located – choose the right one so you can get $30 in CASH* (and we get a bonus for telling you about it too).

First – you should know that Ticketmaster may or may not consider tickets purchased during a presale to be a “qualifying purchase” and according to Rakuten THAT INCLUDES PRESALES 😀

Here is how it works when you join Rakuten

Make any qualifying purchase of $30 or more at any of Rakutens merchants within 90 days of signing up and you’ll earn $30 in bonus money by using our referral link – it’s real money not a store credit, they distribute it via PayPal or a CHECK.

Plus we get $30 too so it’s a nice way to say thank you if we’ve ever helped you out, you know with presale codes or advice or .. whatever 😉

They also do cashback at a huge number of other merchants including AMAZON 😀 so if you shop online theres a good chance that you can easily spend $30 someplace, after you do – BINGO, a nice fat bonus $30 for you, and for us too 🙂

Choose your home country

If you’re in CANADA – Click Here to Join Rakuten.ca and get cash back when you buy tickets at Ticketmaster.ca, Ticketmaster.com and Livenation
If you’re in the UNITED STATES – Click Here to Join Rakuten.com and get cash back when you buy tickets at Ticketmaster.com and Livenation

REMEMBER: To get a $30 Bonus (Rakuten.ca) you must spend $30 someplace with any Rakuten.ca cashback offer within 90 days of joining. On Rakuten.com the threshold is $30 – just read the specifics of their current best offer carefully, who knows, it may even be better after the current one expires.

UPDATE: From inside the Rakuten account comes confirmation: PreSale Tickets ARE ELIGIBLE to earn 1% cashback – hey it’s not much but every little bit counts right?

Special Terms: Cash Back can only be earned on one purchase per month.

Posting Time: Cash Back will be automatically added to your Rakuten account tomorrow.

  • Please verify these terms yourself after you login to your Rakuten account because they could change at anytime

Have a question? How about a comment? Let us know how Rakuten is working out for you by sending an email to wiseguy@tmpresale.com

PS: You *can* join both Rakuten.ca and Rakuten.com and earn rewards in both BUT BE CAREFUL:

Many merchants either don’t ship to Canada as of this writing or could be subject to import and duty fees so watch out for that – there’s nothing stopping you from joining both programs though, just remember to make sure you’re shopping on the right version for your address 😉