What is a “FanClub Bundle” presale – How do you use it?

Fans at a Club
A Fanclub Bundle presale allows artists to sign up new paying members to their official fanclub – giving them access to your personal information: Name, address, email address etc.

The benefits of joining a Fanclub depend on the artist, but in the past have included early access to preferred blocks of tickets for a tour, special merchandise, limited edition CDs or DVDs, early access to downloadable albums, special fanclub forums or websites, newsletters, posters and other bonuses.

Fanclub Bundle presales are useful to you, the concert-goer as you can see your ticket selection BEFORE you purchase tickets and confirm your membership in the Fanclub.

You get to see your ticket location before you buy tickets and you don’t have to waste time entering a presale code, so you will be faster on Ticketmaster/Livenation. When deciding whether or not you want to join the fan club before purchasing tickets, keep in mind that sometimes the Bundle presale will start a couple of hours or even a full day after the fan club pre-sale so the ticket selection might not be as good.

On the other hand – if you join the fanclub the same day the presale begins, you might not get access to tickets – this happened with a number of high profile concerts in the past, a Fanclub bundle ensures you can see the tickets you will receive before you join, and that you will get exactly what you’re looking for.

If you pay an extra $50 to buy a pair of 8th row tickets to see a really hot performer most people would call that a bargain – just remember that those fanclub membership dues are usually taken out every year.

Fanclubs cost anywhere from $20 to over $150 per year so don’t be surprised by this when you see it on your order confirmation screen on Ticketmaster.

Your membership in some fanclubs will give you a unique presale code for future tours – Madonna is famous for doing this and provides longtime members of her ICON fanclub with access to the best tickets before new members who joined recently. By rewarding longtime members Madonna is encouraging people to continue keeping the paid membership active year after year.