What are Unique Fanclub Presale Passwords? Can I get one here?

Unique Fanclub Codes are NOT something you can get just anywhere.

Please read this carefully so you won’t be disappointed. It’s important.

A Fanclub presale with Unique passwords is open to Fanclub members who have a paid subscription to the artists official fanclub and is intended to reward those fans who are dedicated enough to be members in the fanclub year after year.

Most fan clubs cost between $20.00 and $35.00 to join, though some mega-groups like the Rolling Stones have charged as much as $100.00 per year. The Stones in particular are no longer working with MusicToday on their paid fanclub and are not accepting new paying fanclub members as of this update in October 2015.

So that’s not a great example.. but still – the idea should make sense. Here’s what happens:

Members of the artists fanclub who have paid their membership dues will get a unique code that might look something like this: RXL23NY3 or might be as simple as their membership number – these Unique presale passwords can be used only once.

So, if you are looking for one of these unique presale passwords, you might be out of luck: Most fanclubs send out unique presale passwords well before the presale begins and if you join during a presale you might not get a password to unlock tickets – See this page about Fan Club Bundle Presales for more information on how to join a fanclub AND buy tickets at the same time.

So one more time to clarify: If you join WiseGuys and pay for a VIP Total-Access membership, isn’t that the same as joining a fanclub?

No. Joining WiseGuys Presale Passwords will NOT give you access to UNIQUE presale codes for a fanclub presale.

WiseGuys collects information about tens of thousands of presale and onsale events together into one place, and while our information CAN help you buy tickets during presales, we cannot help with any event that requires a UNIQUE password – If someone told you that it could, we’d love to hear from you.

NOTE: Caesars Rewards does unique presales sometimes and you can join them online, follow these instructions.