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Caesars Entertainment Corporation logo. (PRNewsFoto/Caesars Entertainment Corporation)

So it recently came to my attention that we have not recommended that that you sign up for Caesars Rewards. This is the casino rewards program run by Caesars Entertainment. From time to time they offer exclusive presale codes that we can’t publish. Any Unique Codes sent one at a time to rewards members just can’t be shared – they are personal to the reward member.

Why does this matter? It could get you a much better connection to much better seats. Plus it’s free 😀 Three Magic Words:

Caesars Rewards Presale

In case you haven’t been into one of their fine establishments before, Caesars Entertainment’s resorts operate primarily under the Caesars®, Harrah’s® and Horseshoe® brand names. Caesars Entertainment’s portfolio also includes the Caesars Entertainment UK family of casinos.

They have over 65,000 employees, they have over 200 venues worldwide, and traditionally that have about 30-35 presales a month. Some major and also not so major artists are in the list of Caesars presales.

This whole time we’ve been getting updates on Caesars presale passwords we haven’t given away the best tip we can for Causars: Join their rewards program (PLUS when you join and use our link you get 500 bonus points after you pick up your card in-person at a Caesars property).

Follow these easy steps to Join the Reward Program and Sign Up for the Marketing and Promotions email (use the same email address for both).

To Get Presale Passwords from Caesars Rewards Program Follow these steps: (Takes about 4 minutes).

Click Here and earn a bonus 500 points when you use our link: tmpresale.com/caesars

After signing up and logging in to your new Caesars Reward account you still need to confirm your email address. Do this 😀

Once that is done, make sure you also sign up for marketing and promotional emails – don’t ask me why this is done separately but it is. The link is in your account and also here.

After that look out for a second confirmation email which might be sent confirming you want to link two accounts-I have no idea why it was sent but I clicked Confirm just to be on the safe side. We want those codes after all 😀

So as always we will publish every presale code we can for our members BUT unique codes or serial numbers can’t be published. Don’t worry because you’ll have the Caesars presale passwords waiting in your inbox. Enjoy!