how to get livenation and ticketmaster to load pages fasterMany people have asked me how to speed up so you can buy tickets faster on and as well as many other box office systems such as Telecharge.

While having a fast Internet connection is certainly part of being able to buy tickets online quickly, your Internet connection is only one part of why you might be getting slower performance from websites such as

If you’ve noticed that other websites are loading slowly or taking a long time it’s possible that your computer may need to be cleaned out a bit – this process is pretty easy these days thanks to some great tools, many of which are completely free to use.

In this guide we are going to get your PC running in tip-top shape so you can get your tickets faster, sometimes MUCH faster.

Step 1 – Update your Web browsers

If you are running an older web browser you might be taking too long to load pages because there is new technology available which could dramatically increase the speed of websites and reduce the load on your PC.

It used to be that newer browsers with all their fancy features would slow things down, but the newest version of Internet Explorer will actually make things quicker and show you which add-ons and toolbars are slowing down your web browsing experience.

Step 2 – Clean out the crud that builds up in windows

Over time any windows machine becomes slower due to registry entries, software which is installed and removed, temporary files, cookies, and all sorts of things that need to be optimized and just don’t run as smoothly as when you first got your computer.

Cleaning all this gunk out of a machine used to be a daunting and technical process, however there are now some very excellent tools which anyone can use. In a few simple clicks all kinds of garbage will be gone from your PC things will run much faster.

The very first of these that you should try is called CCleaner. This is a free application. It works very quickly and very effectively, and I’ve never had a problem with it on my machines. It also has a nice feature where it will remember which cookies you use commonly for websites like your e-mail or Facebook and will leave those intact when it cleans things out.

I also highly recommend PC Optimizer Pro it has a trial you can use to fix 25 errors for free, plus a host of extra tools to manage which programs start at the same time windows does, quick access to windows system tools, a clean uninstaller, and more.

Here’s a screenshot of PC Optimizer Pro in action:

PC Optimizer Pro – The Catch.

Now, it is worth pointing out that PC Optimizer will only be able to fix 25 errors for free, but in one test I did recently there were only 16 errors left after using CCleaner, so I didn’t need to purchase a license to fix them all. If you have hundreds (or thousands) of errors, you may want to consider purchasing a license (about $40, they run promotions as well from time to time.)

I’ve emailed customer support and received a quick reply that there is a 60 day return policy on PC Optimizer Pro – so if you do buy a license and aren’t happy you can get your money back pretty fast.

Download PC Optimizer Pro

Step 3 – Update Windows to improve performance and security

Keeping up to date with windows updates is a critical task – make sure you do this on a regular basis to keep your PC as secure as possible and to add any performance improving patches that Microsoft releases.

If you need detailed instructions on how to update windows, see this helpful page: Microsoft Windows Update Instructions (

Step 4 – Shutdown all non-essential programs to make your pc quicker

Start by shutting down every non-essential program on your computer, including things like instant messaging programs such as aim, Skype, MSN messenger, and ICQ. Not only do these programs use your PCs membery while they are running, but many of them also use your internet connection (even while you’re not using their chat features) and can slow down your connection to Ticketmaster.

To make sure you have closed and completely exited from these programs, and to make sure that Firefox isn’t still running after you exit from it you can bring up TASK MANAGER

Make sure that you have closed Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera and that they are no longer running in the background by bringing up task manager. The easiest way to bring up task manager is by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ESC – a window will appear similar to this one:

From here you can easily see how much memory FireFox, and other programs are using.. and even if you’ve closed all the windows and exited from them, some will stay around and keep all that memory locked up.

Important: If you terminate a program you might not have the opportunity to save your work, so try switching to it first and exiting normally.

Clicking on the name of the program you wish to terminate (firefox.exe) and then the End Process button will “kill” that program off. You can restart Firefox, but do NOT restore your previous session, as this will cause much of the memory usage to return.

FireFox was the example here, but Google Chrome, Opera and Safari can all slowly take up more and more resources as time goes on – see point 1 (above) on why you should upgrade to Internet Explorer 9 asap.

Now that you’ve got a clean and up to date system, it’s time to get browsing on to see the difference!

After following these instructions, how much of an improvement did you see?

What tools would you recommend other people try to clean up their machines?

How much faster is your computer now?

– WiseGuy

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