What is a presale? How does a presale work? What is an offer code?

Presales let fans with the right password buy tickets before the general public!

Email newsletters flying around - where presales really come from

Some presales are Live Nation presales – once you make a Livenation.com account and register they will send you notifications of those presales and the codes needed to use them – WiseGuys has those codes all the time.

Because sometimes Livenation fails to send out new events with presales, they fail to include passwords sometimes, and they definitely don’t include Venue, Artist, Fanclub, Newsletter and Credit Card presales!

More often we’ve found those presale emails show up far too late to be useful or contain little or no useful information.

Now, other presale types have sponsors like fan clubs and credit cards ( AMEX, Citi ) and we can’t provide passwords for those – sorry! To get the password you have to belong to the fan club or have the right kind of credit card – but in some cases like with the american express gold card presale you don’t need anything as special as that, any old amex (even a gift card) will do: here’s why .

Often venues, stadiums, clubs etc. and radio stations have their own presales too, so if WiseGuys has no presale info (rare) – check your favorite venues and radio stations websites, twitter feeds and facebook fan pages for information on how to get in the loop. Often this involves signing up for multiple newsletters, LIKING several fan pages and following multiple accounts on twitter.

What a hassle.

Instead when you need a presale code you could use the search box here on www.tmpresale.com to find presales and passwords for all kinds of events!

Here’s our search box: Wiseguys-presale-passwords-search-find-presale-info

Once you have found the code you need, and possibly after you’ve joined WiseGuys you’ll need to enter the code into the special offers box on Ticketmaster or Livenation. In either case you’ll want to navigate to the page for the event you’re buying tickets for (make sure you have the right day and time as well as the correct CITY – some shows have multiple touring groups – it has happened in the past that people have bought for the correct date but the wrong city.

Once that’s all been done, Just look for the “Offer Code” box or link to enter your presale password there:

Offer Code / Presale Box on Ticketmaster.com or Livenation.com

Please keep in mind that there are a very limited number of tickets because only a portion of seats are part of any one presale. There have been some cases where between the fanclub, radio stations, the venue, the email newsletter and the supporting act a total of 90% of the tickets were allocated to either a presale or the marketing group – but Livenation doesn’t want to talk about that, so we won’t either.

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