Tell me what happened to the ticket toolbar?

There was a time, not that long ago, when toolbars were useful to have in browsers.. ours looked something like this:

The old presale password toolbar


Alas, those days are long, long gone – and the time has now come to remove links to our old toolbar which we cannot update, due to some corporate changes at the company that used to provide the toolbar builder to us.

Basically we can’t update the toolbar anymore – there is no way for us to contact an of the old users, the company that bought the portfolio of installed toolbars (yes, that’s a thing) has started using ALL of the old Conduit toolbars to serve pretty aggressive advertising and we’ve even had a few complaints.

So yeah – had to stop linking to it, mentioning it, had to remove a TON of old posts that mentioned the presale toolbar or ticket toolbar – they are gone, and probably never will return.

So long old friend. You will be missed – unless of course you’re among the few who are looking for help in removing the toolbar, in which case you’ll find excellent instructions here.

If you’re looking for some tools we can recommend, have a look at our recommended resources for ticket brokers page.