FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about Presale Codes, Presale Passwords and Ticket Presales in General

This page of FAQs will serve as a directory of information we collect about Presales, Presale Passwords, Fanclub memberships, Tickets, Ticketmaster and Live Nation and other questions that come up from time to time.

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Let’s begin with some commonly asked questions that you might have about presale passwords and different kinds of presales.

Many Answers Coming soon such as…

  • What is an iTunes presale?
  • Can more than one person use a presale password?
  • How do you get presale tickets?
  • Are presale tickets cheaper?
    • Presale vs Public Sale, Pros and Cons list.
    • Do people get better or worse tickets during a presale?
    • Do presale tickets cost more? Are presales more expensive?
      • Are Ticketmaster presales more expensive?
      • Are Live Nation presales more expensive?
    • Are presale tickets ever cheaper then face value?
    • Are presale tickets better?
  • Do all tickets go onsale during a presale?
    • Which tickets are released during a presale?
  • What can an artist do to help their fans get tickets?
  • Which tickets are available during a presale?
    • Are all tickets available during a presale? No.
  • What other sites and services have presale passwords?
  • What happens if I can’t get tickets or they are all sold?
  • Is this some kind of scam? (No, it’s not)

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