We’ve been asked to answer the question where we get our presale passwords from?

There is a long answer that explains where presale passwords come from and how we publish them here on TMPresale.com. To begin with you should understand that many presales share the same passwords, Amex presales and CITI presale codes  both spring to mind. Others line Live Nation are usually the same but change from time to time.

Where do we find our presale listings?

We use an onsale database called Box Office Fox to locate lists of events with presales so we can publish content the day before or the morning of the presale. Some presale information is submitted by our members (Thank You!) and these posts are published as soon as possible. A few presale codes come from Facebook, Twitter and Spotify – while others are published by venues and promoters to email newsletters and are sent out just before the presale begins.

Presale Newsletter Sent Late

In some cases the email newsletter may be sent out after a presale has started since it does take time to transmit thousands of emails out to the internet. Sometimes we get requests for presale codes and we simple do not have the presale code right at hand. At least once a week we find a presale password that is available on another presale password site and thankfully they don’t mind when we publish their info (getting permission was a chore but it was worthwhile).