If you are wondering what a presale is the answer won’t be too much of a surprise: A sale of tickets to an event that happens before the general public is allowed to buy tickets.

So in a nutshell if you have access to a presale it means you have a password or the right kind of credit card to allow you to buy tickets before the public has a chance.

Why have a presale at all?

What kind of credit cards work for presales?

A: American Express cards, CITI cards, Chase issued cards, sometimes MasterCards – it all depends on the deal that the promoters and venues made when they decided which tickets should be part of the presale.


Will I get better seats during a presale or an onsale?

We wrote up a great post to answer that question, short answer is that the presale *probably* provides a good opportunity to buy tickets without risking losing out. Read more to decide if a presale is better than the public onsale.